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Company Information

Founded in 1993, headquartered in Panningen The Netherlands, Logic Technology has become a leader in Europe's embedded market. The unique combination of high-quality products, support and consultancy services is most appreciated by embedded developers. It's this All-Inclusive concept that enables developers to focus on their own key tasks and provides them with a sparring partner in every phase of their project!

Mission statement

Driven by our belief that developers of high-tech electronics should focus on their key-tasks, we empower the optimization of your embedded product development. Supported by our technical expertise and empathy we will perform a thorough situation or problem analysis. Our focus is on consulting and supplying, efficient and top quality embedded software, development- and test -tools, accompanied by customer centric service. We are empowered through our passion for technology, unmistakably noticeable in our reliability and customer first policy.

Logic Technology is a leading and independent embedded specialist that has been supplying the innovative European high-tech industry with top quality products and services for more than 20 years.

Our added Value

  • We add measurable value by improving the efficiency of your development, test and production processes.
  • Through our methodologies we eliminate important risks in our client’s embedded projects.
  • Logic Technology’s global network includes progressive suppliers with advanced and complementary products.

We are your partner in risk management during the entire lifecycle of your products.

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