Versatile test platform



  • ​Functional Circuit Test solution for electronics PCBAs /UUTs
  • Supports both volume and high-mix batch production
  • Highly suited to design verification for safe power up and test of prototypes
  • Quick and easy UUT loading solutions
  • Small, lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Requires maximum of 2 external connections (PSU, Comms)
  • Measurements and test inputs are generated inside the unit
  • Includes a range of highly stable and accurate peripheral cards
  • Communication via Ethernet or native JTAG
  • Includes  J-Safe advanced protection features for safely powering up PCBAs/UUTs 

Eiger Design

J-Testr platform

The J-Testr is the heart of any J-Testr or J-Testr+ test system. The simplest form is a base configuration system which provides all mechanical packaging, thermal management and system motherboard into which option peripheral cards can be added.

​With its super compact dimensions, the unit can be used ‘stand-alone’ or within a J-Testr+ ‘Bed of Nails’ fixture and is available in several standard configurations.

J-Testr Base Configuration

The J-Testr base configuration provides all commonly required peripheral cards and breakout cards. Customers are free to add the additional Peripheral Cards or Module functions required to satisfy the UUT testing needs.
  • J-Testr enclosure with DUT mounting/base plate
  • System Motherboard
  • LV or HV Power Peripheral Card
  • ADC/DAC Peripheral Card
  • Timer or IO Peripheral Card
  • LV or HV Power Peripheral Breakout
  • ADC/DAC Peripheral Breakout
  • Timer or LV IO Peripheral Breakout
  • 50 14mm Interposer Standoffs
  • JTAG Connection cable
  • External Universal input 24V or 48V 240W Supply
  • Left and Right Interposer Mounting supports ​
  • 1 year Support package

J-Testr Recommended Configuration

The J-Testr recommended configuration system provides all the peripheral cards in the base configuration but also includes both the Timer and Load peripheral cards with breakouts. Customers are free to add the additional Peripheral Card or Module functions required to satisfy the UUT testing needs.

Information & Demonstration

For information about the J-Testr platform, or an on-site demonstration of the test system please contact us.