Production repair/rework station


Key benefits

  • Increase production yields – repair boards that would otherwise become waste
  • Reduce board debug time – work from a single integrated environment
  • Retain control on how boards are tested
  • Reduce training costs – intuitive, user-friendly interface

Flexible Licensing Options

  • Hardware licence
    • held in the JTAG controller so you can use XJTAG on any number of PCs
  • Network licence
    • held on a networked license server available from anywhere in the world

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XJTAG - XJInvestigator

Much more than a production line test tool, XJInvestigator is a repair focused, integrated test and debug environment for fault analysis, helping you efficiently recover your failing boards.

Combining the test capabilities of XJRunner and XJAnalyser with additional diagnostic functionality, XJInvestigator is the boundary scan tool to use at your manufacturing repair/rework station.
  • Real-time, pin-by-pin control of BGA and fine-pitch devices
  • Manufacturing failure diagnosis
  • In-system programming

Supported XJTAG Software

  • XJDeveloper
  • XJRunner

What's New

Improve your diagnostic capabilities in production repair

XJInvestigator is much more than a production line test tool, it allows you to quickly identify faults and get boards re-worked and re-tested.

Not only can you reproduce XJRunner’s error reports, you can also take direct control of the pins/balls on the JTAG devices from the Analyser screen and run extra diagnostic functions not normally available on the production line. You can then visualise any fault on both the schematic and layout of the board using the integrated viewers.

If the production line tests cannot be run on a board due to problems with the scan chain then the built-in JTAG Chain Debugger helps you quickly identify these faults so normal testing can continue.


  • Repair-focused environment for XJDeveloper / XJRunner tests.
  • Full Connection test.
  • RAM, Flash and other non-JTAG device tests.
  • Flash, FPGA, CPLD and EEPROM programming.
  • Layout Viewer* to show the physical location of faulty nets, pins and components.
  • Schematic Viewer* to show the circuit design around faults.
  • Direct control of the pins/balls of JTAG devices.
  • View pin states graphically in real time or capture them in the Waveform Viewer.
  • Trace signals to identify shorts, opens and other faults.