Full development environment


Key benefits

  • Reduce your time spent debugging boards due to high precision fault isolation
  • Improve your time to market and reduce project risk by early design verification
  • Reduce your test development time by reusing tests from prototype/design in manufacturing and field support
  • Ongoing time savings by test reuse across projects

Flexible Licensing Options

  • Hardware licence
    • held in the JTAG controller so you can use XJTAG on any number of PCs
  • Network licence
    • held on a networked license server available from anywhere in the world

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XJTAG - XJDeveloper

XJDeveloper is XJTAG’s Integrated Development Environment, the most comprehensive integration of boundary scan functionality, flexibility and productivity.
  • Fast test development & debug
  • In-system programming setup
  • Test coverage analysis
  • Library of non-JTAG devices

Supported XJTAG software

  • XJFlash
  • XJRunner

What's New


XJDeveloper is an Integrated Development Environment for JTAG test development and execution. Through its intuitive design flow, engineers have easy access to XJTAG’s market-leading interconnection and functionality-based testing technology. This is supported by a large built-in library of device tests, combined with the ability to easily develop additional tests. Advanced fault analysis and visualisation tools are included as standard. XJDeveloper also supports In-System Programming (including XJFlash) of both JTAG devices (e.g. CPLDs and FPGAs) and non-JTAG devices (EEPROMs, flash memory).

XJDeveloper gives engineers easy access to the functionality defined in IEEE 1149 (JTAG). This standard can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle to bring the benefits of boundary scan testing to any product, however complex. Projects are focussed on the devices being tested. XJTAG’s powerful processing technology automatically creates the low-level test vectors without the user needing to know how to construct them. Test coverage can be viewed at any point in the project setup to assess setup progress or see how the design can be improved. When the project is complete, XJDeveloper can create XJRunner projects for testing and programming on the production line.

XJDeveloper can be used to run tests during prototype bring-up without the need for any application code to be ready. Using the same user interface that will later be used for production line testing ensures a smooth test flow from prototype debug to production test.

XJDeveloper supports all of the test capabilities of XJTAG’s full product line-up, to give you full flexibility for all of your JTAG testing requirements.


  • Advanced Interconnection Test
    • Tests a higher percentage of your circuit than most other JTAG solutions and provides high precision fault isolation.
  • Testing and programming non-JTAG devices
    • Non-JTAG devices connected to devices on the chain can be manipulated just as easily as those on the chain, for advanced testing – e.g. ethernet loopback.
  • Flexible, high-level, test description language
    • Designed to simplify the process of test creation.
  • Device-centric approach
    • Device tests can be reused in different circuits without modification.
  • High-level conditional test execution
    • Determine whether to run tests based on board configuration, results of previous tests etc.
  • Built-in Test Library
    • A large number of standard parts available in the installed XJEase library.
  • Layout Viewer to show the physical location of circuit elements and faulty nets.
  • Schematic Viewer to show circuit functionality whilst developing or debugging tests.
  • Open test implementations
    • Users can view the data driven during connection test, and view or edit code from the XJEase library.
  • Waveform View
    • View a graphical representation of waveforms in XJEase testing and in the Analyser screen.
  • XJEase software debugger
    • Step through XJEase code, set breakpoints and examine variable values to speed up your test development.
  • No need to understand how JTAG works
    • The XJTAG system works out how to drive the JTAG chains for you.
  • Program devices in-system
    • SVF and STAPL files can be run from XJDeveloper to program devices, or XJEase scripts can be used to program an image directly.
  • Testing with no netlist
    • Run connection test and non-JTAG device tests even on boards where you don’t have the netlist.
  • Export projects to XJRunner
    • XJRunner projects prevent modification of the tests for deployment to manufacture.
  • Test coverage analysis
    • Analyse and generate reports on the test coverage achieved on your circuit.
  • 1149.6 support
    • Supports 1149.1 and 1149.6 devices