iMX8M Mini uCOM Development Kit V2


iMX8M Mini uCOM Development Kit V2

What is included when buying a kit?

  • iMX8M Mini uCOM board
  • COM Carrier board V2
  • One micro-B to A USB Cable
  • One Debug interface board with 10-pos FPC cable
  • Expansion board
  • 12V/2A power supply (has interchangeable AC plug for EU, UK, US, AUS, KOR and CHN)

iMX8M Mini uCOM Development Kit V2

The iMX8M Mini uCOM Development Kit lets you get up-and-running quickly with the iMX8M Mini uCOM Board. All relevant interfaces are available - either for prototyping or for direct integration into your product.
  • Evaluate the iMX8M Quad COM board
  • All relevant interfaces are available
  • Easy to add RF solutions

iMX8M Mini uCOM

  • Heterogeneous Multicore Processor (HMP)
  • Hardware accelerator for 1080p video decoding/encoding
  • 4x Cortex-A53 @ 1.8 GHz & Cortex-M4 @ 400 MHz

Updated Carrier board design – V2

This is the second generation reference design with several enhancements of features and usability:

  • Support for i.MX8 designs
  • Support for M.2 Key E interface (typically Wi-Fi/BT), including advanced debug features developed in cooperation with Murata and Cypress
  • Support for M.2 Key B interface (typically Cellular/SSD)
  • Support for USB 3.0
  • Updated power supply design
  • Direct support for New Haven LVDS display
  • Access to all audio codec interfaces
  • Expansion board for easy prototyping

Many RF solutions

The on-board connectors such as M.2 (both E-key and B-key), SDIO, XBee makes it simple to add RF solutions. Our family of Wi-Fi/BT M.2 modules (based on Murata modules) are directly supported.

Development Kits

Use Embedded Artists’ Development Kits as your evaluation/prototyping platform. The kit includes the hardware and software components needed to get up-and-running with your software development on day 1.


Note: the used COM board must support the specific interface to make use of the carrier board interfaces/connectors.