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J-Testr test platform

J-Testr versatile test platform

The J-Testr is the heart of any J-Testr or J-Testr+ test system. The simplest form is a base configuration system which provides all mechanical packaging, thermal management and system motherboard into which option peripheral cards can be added.

​With its super compact dimensions, the unit can be used ‘stand-alone’ or within a J-Testr+ ‘Bed of Nails’ fixture and is available in several standard configurations.

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J-Testr+ GTI test system

J-Testr+ GTI test system

The J-Testr+ GTI test system is a complete functional circuit test system in a compact, ready to use desktop format. Measuring 465mm x 500mm in standard form and with all Unit Under Test (UUT) surfaces ESD safe it can fit into any production process. The  J-Testr+ GTI utilises a unique system of Exchangeable Units , making it a test solution configurable for all levels of volume from prototype to full production. 

The J-Testr+ GTI includes options such as ; RF and integrated oscilloscope , LED analyser, high speed programming and JTAG and as standard incorporates J-Safe our advanced defence against board level faults offering a system-wide protection scheme.

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J-Testr+ Mini 'all-in one'

J-Testr+ Mini 'all-in one' test system

The J-Testr+ Mini is a truly compact ‘all-in-one' test solution including all the elements required to perform functional testing of a UUT.​

With a super compact footprint of 315mmx 265mm (315mm X 345mm including the fixture arm) the J-Testr+ Mini does not only save valuable bench/shelf space, but is also truly portable unlike any other test solution currently available on the market.

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